Saturday, January 21, 2012

From Head to Toe

Noah's Book Club: January 2012

Title: From Head to Toe
Mom's bargin hunting pays off.

Author: Eric Carle

Why Noah Picked It: I told you...I love Eric Carle. Mom says I should put in here that this book is not one of his most well known. She got it at our local library's book sale for .50. She almost passed it by because she had never seen it or heard of it before. She was surprised to see how much I LOVED it. It is much larger in size than the other books I have. It also has PAPER PAGES! I love to get my hands on it whenever I can and it has already been taped up...oops. Each page has an animal and a child on it and they are big and bright in Eric Carle fashion. My Mom says all illustrators have a certain style and that Mr. Carle's is perfect for babies. This book talks a lot about parts of the body and some action you can do...kick my legs, thump my chest, wave my arms, clap my hands. So far, I refuse to do any of these actions because it is very fun to watch the adult who is reading to me do them.  

Friday, January 20, 2012

Thoughts on the eve of Noah being 3 months old...

Noah in early January 
I have decided on the hardest part (for me) of becoming a new mom. It is not: the diapers, the crying, the lack of sleep, the spit up, the increase of laundry, the breastfeeding, or the fact that sometimes I don’t get a shower. Nope. The hardest part is: the voice inside my head. The conversations I have with myself about how I am doing at my new job.

I look at the moms with two, three, five, eight, ten kids. I see that they are wearing make up, I see that they are on time, I see that they have been baking or knitting, or homeschooling, or painting or…or…or…or…

And the voice inside asks: How does she…?

I think about the moms I know who work outside the home. The ones who do another complete job on top of being a mom, the ones who have a schedule they stick to, the ones who managed to get themselves and their children out the door everyday, and manage to keep all those balls up in the air.

And the voice asks again: How does she…?

Then the voice turns inward. It sees that it is noon and I have not put on real clothing. It sees my make-up unused in the not-so-clean bathroom. It sees that I am still carrying baby weight. That I forgot to call that friend, send that mail, order that thing, put away the, finish the, the, the, the….

And the voice asks: Why can’t you…?

The good news is. I know where this voice comes from. The evil place called: compare. I am determined to send it packing! This week God has seen fit to encourage me through of all things…the internet! (note: surfing the internet is easy to do with one hand while feeding a baby)

First of all, I had one of those moments when I was on a blog of someone I barely know because I followed a link from a facebook page from a friend because I saw someone post on their wall and - oh you get the idea - we’ve all been on those “how did I get here” blogs. ANYWAY…this quote was there along the side “Don’t let comparison steal your joy”. Oh heck yes! That is right…one of my main tasks is to be joyful (as in filled with joy) in all circumstances. And I refuse to let the evil of comparing myself to others beat me. I will banish that little voice to the dark corner it came from. It does no good. Not for me…not for Noah…not for JJ…and certainly not for those women I am comparing myself to. Secondly, my sister-in-law posted a link to an article written from a mom of nine to moms with only one baby. It really hit home in some places and made me feel….here it is…NORMAL! (here it is if you want to read it)
I still will strive to get my work done. Have a clean home, a happy baby, be on time, and maybe put on some make up once and a while but my goal is to stop judging myself in the process. 

So, goodbye little voice…you are not invited to the 4th month of Noah’s life. 

PS- When Noah was turning two months old I made a promise for a “2 month” post and it never happened. This being a prime example of one of the lessons I’ve learned in the last 3 months: I am not going to get it all done. I just can’t do all that I once did and I definitely can’t do it as fast. There are nights the dishes sit in the sink. There are times the laundry does not get moved along and my neighbor takes it out and leaves it on top of the machines (like in college). There are dust rabbits…not bunnies. My time is not my own and (I want to make this clear) that is exactly what I signed up for. It is still a hard lesson and adjustment to make. So, there was no 2 month post…and for that I am not sorry…some things have to be laid down…so that I can pick up my 3 month old.

10 things I've learned this month...

I wrote and posted this on facebook on November 21st. Just re-posting it here now:
1.) Trust my instincts...this especially goes when it concerns my body and medical professionals. IE: The nurse who told me my water hadn't broken...when it clearly had or the other nurse who told me I had hours of labor left...45 mins. before Noah was born.
2.) Nothing in my apartment or wardrobe is safe from the many things that come out of a baby AND that none of that stuff really matters.
3.) At some point the lack of sleep does catch up with me and I can sleep standing up (leaning against the baby's swing).
4.) Sleeping while the baby is sleeping is easier said than done.
5.) Some people are just silly enough to ask me "What are you doing with all your free time?" and "Are you bored?" when I have a NEWBORN child.
6.) Read all the books, talk to your friends, listen to the doctors...then do what works for you and your baby.
7.) Noah loves to eat.
8.) Noah loves mirrors.
9.) When all else fails...swaddle, pacifier, bounce, and SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
10.) I have a wonderful family, great friends, and most importantly a loving husband. (I sorta already knew this.)