Monday, May 21, 2012

I Love You Through and Through

Noah's Book Club: May 2012

Title: I Love You Through and Through
A new classic.

Author: Bernadette Rossetti-Shustak
Illustrator: Caroline Jayne Church

Why Noah Picked It: My Mom read this a lot to me when I was younger. I really took an interest in it because of the little boy. I like how he shows the different emotions and parts of the body. I like how his bear helps him to show each action. The illustrations are simple and great for babies. If you are a girl baby they have a book that features one of your kind called "How Do I Love You?" but I think this book is good for all babies! 

Noah's Favorite Things: 7 months

(I stumbled upon a blog where a Mom listed her baby's favorite things each month. Clever! Instead of simply wishing I had thought of it myself...I will start now. Now is better than never.)

Noah's favorite things @ 7 months:
1.) wooden blocks (stacked into a tower by Mommy to push over or to use as a teether)
2.) Sophie the giraffe (a teether)
3.) Dino Popper with all the balls removed (becomes a teether)
4.) any form of peek-a-boo/where's Noah?/being surprised
5.) tags (on toys, pillows, clothing...anything really) and buttons
6.) drinking water from a glass
7.) walks with Mommy and Daddy especially if carried by Daddy
8.) Elephant (sleeping buddy)
9.) when Mommy lays down for naps with him
10.) "Baby Beluga" song/board book

Some of Noah's least favorite things:
1.) top two front teeth coming in
2.) any form of baby food in any flavor
3.) bottles (this is new)
4.) not being able to go where he wants
5.) being left alone
6.) teething tablets/baby Tylenol
7.)  being swaddled (JJ can still get him to accept at bedtime but other wise - no go)
8.) diaper changes- twists/turns/flips/screams
9.) car rides at night
10.) when Mommy takes rubber ducky away

Things we are looking forward to in month 7:
-first trip to the beach
-visit with Great-Grands
-Father's Day
-meeting future baby best friend
-learning to crawl or scoot?

Monday, May 7, 2012

6 months old tomorrow (posted a bit late)

(written on April 20th)

Noah is 6 months old tomorrow.

What???? How did that happen? It is true what they goes fast. Let me be clear - There are hours and days that seem to drag on for eternity but when you are looking back at 6 feels so unreal. I am sure this is compounded by the fact that I have spent a lot of the last 6 months in a sleep deprived state.  Noah has two teeth, rolls over from his back to his tummy, is 20 pounds, can sit (briefly), smiles, laughs, makes raspberries, shakes his head from side to side, and is getting good at letting us know how he is feeling about things. He drools like it is his job. He loves his Daddy. He bangs on pianos. He screams when I leave the room. He opens his mouth for spoons full of rice cereal but then doesn't know what to do with what is on the spoon. We'll work on that.
He loves music. He loves baby Mozart, Mama's singing (God love him), and Johnny Cash.

We love him so very much. 

20 things I assume Noah will love:

1. Music (in general)
2. Piano (specifically)
3. Star Wars
4. The Lord of the Rings
5. Legos
6. Camping
7. Dr. Seuss
8. Sleeping
9. Cuddling
10. Dogs
11. Farms
12. Organizing (solely based on a rigorous training program that has already begun)
13. Being read to
14. Super Heroes
15. Going to Church with his family
16. Large family gatherings
17. The water (pools, beaches, lakes, bath tubs)
18. Playing games (I will push for the board variety while I am sure electronic will also creep in there)
19. Technology (solely based on Meredith genetics)
20. Any and all time spent with Daddy

A few disclaimers- I limited the list to things/activities. I totally realize he may not actually love all of these things. I will continue to assume he loves them until we can sit down and have a rational discussion about the pros and cons of an item and why he has decided not to love it. :)