Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Big Red Barn

Noah's Book Club: November 2012

Title: Big Red Barn
A favorite book from the author of Goodnight Moon.

Author: Margaret Wise Brown

Why Noah Picked It: I have loved this book for a long time. Mom says the same women who wrote it wrote "Goonight Moon"...the book every new parent gets 3 copies of. This book from Ms. Brown is also a goodnight book. It tells the story of a busy farm and all the animals in and around the big red barn. It has all my favorite animals in it and towards the end of the book all the animals head to bed inside the big red barn. The book has a wonderful rhyme scheme and meter that makes it one of my parents' (especially my Dad) favorite to read to me at bedtime. It came to us second hand from a book sale and Mom says she had never even heard of it before. This sister book to the famous Goodnight Moon needs more air time! Give it a spin!