Thursday, June 21, 2012

8 months old...

With 6 minutes left in the day...I finally sit to type about our little man.

At 8 months old Noah loves:
- all baby food (Grandpa P and a few Uncles even took a shot at it this month)
- pools! (just have to keep him from drinking the water)
- books (and he will cry when you stop reading if he wants you to read it again)
- live animals (dogs, cats, and he visited his great Uncle's chickens and rooster)
- being in new places/observing new things
- walks with Daddy (facing out in the baby carrier)

- he squirms to get down on the ground and loves to face out when being held
- clicking his tongue (new sound!)
- he now gives little "high fives" if we encourage him with the sound "BAM"
- Noah is GREAT at sitting up!
- this month saw the first times Noah reached for me, refused to let a stranger hold him, and the beginning of a little separation crying
- Noah spent his first full day without Mommy...with Grandma went pretty well!

We are working on:
- waving
- not biting
- not pinching Mamas arm while eating
- crawling...lots of effort towards this....he is close and can "get around" but no true crawling yet...often ends up going backwards
- giving kisses
- sleeping

New friends:
-Jonah Clermont entered our lives and Noah got a real kick out of their first meeting. He smiled and laughed and we believe it will be a great friendship.

-Our Scottish cousin Owen and Noah met on the eve of Noah's 8 monthday. They reached for each other, stared a bit, and then went swimming together. Owen and his Mommy are here for 5 weeks...some real good bonding time.

Peek A Boo Forest

Noah's Book Club: June 2012

Title: Peek-a-Boo Forest
I love lift-the-flap books and Mommy loves things I can't rip!

Author: Joe Grasso 
Made by: Lamaze

Why Noah Picked It: I really like lift-the-flap books but Mom won't let me look at them independently because some times...I rip the flaps right off! She hides all the lift-the-flap books up high for when an adult can read to me....except this one! This book is made of cloth so I can play with it on my own! The book has some kind of something inside that makes the flaps crinkle when I touch them and the owl friend on the cover comes up off the page. As the title says it is filled with forest animals which I like because being a baby boy I have had my fill of monkeys and farmyard animals...come on baby marketing departments....get creative! I love peek-a-boo, I love lift-the-flaps, and I love a book I can throw around! Mom would like to add that this book is a huge seller on I am not the only one who enjoys the flap lifting genre!