Wednesday, March 21, 2012

5 months old and other numbers

Just a quick post to mark Noah turning 5 months old today.
5 months old!
Going to focus on some numbers. It seems as soon as you are pregnant people want to know a lot of numbers. Due date? How many weeks? How old? How big? How tall? How many? What size?

Noah was 9.5 lbs. when he was born...he is now 18.10 lbs.
He has also added 6 inches to his length.
At his last appointment he was in the 95% of weight and off the chart for his height. 
According to Daddy's baby book JJ was this same weight and an inch longer at 5 months.
Teeth Noah has: 0 Teeth Mommy had at his age: 2
Snuggle time with Daddy.
I don't believe in lucky numbers but I may believe in significant numbers.
If Noah has one it is the number 9.
Noah is the 9th great-grandchild on my Mother's side.
Noah was born at 9:11 in the morning and weighed 9 lbs and 5 oz.
Noah was born 9 years (almost to the day) after my Pop passed away - J. Roger Barber - the source of his middle name. Noah's first day in Schoharie County was the anniversary of his passing. Love.

Noah is averaging 3 short naps a day with a 12 hour stretch of sleeping at night...within that 12 hours he is up anywhere from 4 to 6 times. At least that is the schedule this week.

We have officially moved into 9 month clothing...some small 12 month things and some big 6 month things still float around in his dresser.
Noah loves his bird.
 So...those are the numbers! Planning posts soon about Noah's name, Noah's baptism, and my disastrous trip to a consignment sale. We will see if any of them happen!

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