Tuesday, December 4, 2012

All of Noah's New Doings

Well...it has been over 2 months since I have blogged. The reasons for that are a few blogs in themselves so I will just leave it at that for now.

An update on Noah...mostly so that I don't forget what he was like at 12-13 months!

Our little man is cruising like crazy but still loves to crawl. He stands on his own for a few moments when we needs both his hands for a toy or food. He has taken a few steps mostly when he misjudges the distance between two pieces of furniture and needs to take a step or three! to make it to the next one.

He is eating...and eating...and eating. I can barely keep him from making the "more" sign language sign which has come to just mean "food" to him. He is on all solid food and is completely weaned. He loves bananas, turkey, peas, baby snacks, milk and water, applesauce, oatmeal, and yogurt but honestly...he hasn't turned down anything...we are enjoying that while it lasts.

He is talking! And it is oh-so-cute. He says: Hi, Dad, Mom, Moo (boo), Whoo, Quack, makes a squirrel noise, Balloon (boo), star, car, boots, turkey and it seems like every few days he'll start to call something by its name....or something that sounds like the start of its name. ;)

He still loves books but also likes playing with cars (all vehicles are cars for now), balls, taking apart his puzzle, and throwing around his Little People nativity set. We only do an hour of "screen time" a day...most of which he plays during and ignores the TV but he has started to prefer Thomas and Friends to Sesame Street although somedays he still does pick Elmo instead of Thomas.

He is long and skinny and has some curls at the bottom of his neck. He wears 18 month clothing and lives a lot of his life in feety pajamas.  If you ask his "Where's God?" he points to his heart. He sometimes blows kisses, plays peek-a-boo, or will point to a correct body part when asked. He still does a lot of pointing and if you ask him to be "cute" he will tilt his head to one side in very adorable way. He and JJ play a game with our composer statues that is his number one favorite activity. He gives kissed and hugs once in a great while. He can show you how old he is by putting one finger in the air when asked "How old is Noah?" When he sees candles he blows in an attempt to blow them out...a trick we tried to teach for his birthday. The best part of his birthday party was his face while the room full of people were looking right at him and singing.

He is sweet and smart. He is determined and loves to explore. We love our little one-year-old.  

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