Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pat the Bunny

Noah's Book Club: August 2012

Title: Pat the Bunny
Oh Paul and Judy...

Author: Dorothy Kunhardt

Why Noah Picked It: At first, I saw a lot of pink on this book and thought..."oh, it is for girls" but after a few readings I ignored the pink and started to really watch this "Paul" and "Judy." Each page has something for me to do...pat the bunny, look in the mirror, play peek-a-boo. After about a month of seeing it almost every night I decided to give it all a try. Now I do each of the pages and I really get excited when I see the book. Mom thinks this book is one of the reasons I started to wave. I should add that I still don't "smell the flowers"...I just don't get that action yet...give me time people-I am only 10 months old! It is a simple book but the interactive aspect (Mom's words not mine) is a lot of fun!

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