Thursday, February 21, 2013

Richard Scarry's Color Book

Noah's Book Club: February 2013

Title: Richard Scarry's Color Book
let's learn our colors

Author: Richard Scarry 

Why Noah picked it: My Mom brought this book home from Grandma's was hers when she was little. I love it! In fact, just today Daddy has read it to me 5 times already. And guess what?? I am actually learning my colors! At the end of the book, there is a page with all the colors and I love to point to each one as Daddy quizzes me. I also love to see oranges (a favorite food of mine) and the frog on the green page. We have another book by the same author that I am enjoying lately called Best First Book Ever! it is big and full of hundreds of fun things to look at. Richard Scarry gets an A+ from me!

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  1. Richard Scarry is always a big hit in our house! I have a few of his books from when I was a kid kickin' around...classics never die. Noah, you have excellent taste in literature.