Saturday, January 21, 2012

From Head to Toe

Noah's Book Club: January 2012

Title: From Head to Toe
Mom's bargin hunting pays off.

Author: Eric Carle

Why Noah Picked It: I told you...I love Eric Carle. Mom says I should put in here that this book is not one of his most well known. She got it at our local library's book sale for .50. She almost passed it by because she had never seen it or heard of it before. She was surprised to see how much I LOVED it. It is much larger in size than the other books I have. It also has PAPER PAGES! I love to get my hands on it whenever I can and it has already been taped up...oops. Each page has an animal and a child on it and they are big and bright in Eric Carle fashion. My Mom says all illustrators have a certain style and that Mr. Carle's is perfect for babies. This book talks a lot about parts of the body and some action you can do...kick my legs, thump my chest, wave my arms, clap my hands. So far, I refuse to do any of these actions because it is very fun to watch the adult who is reading to me do them.  

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