Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Day 2: Due Date Detectives

Day 2:
Forcing me to tell you my exact due date:  It is called an estimated due date for a reason my friends. It is an estimate. In most practices anytime two weeks before or after “the date” is considered healthy and normal. One of our midwives told me when I was pregnant with Noah she wished we called it a due week instead of a due date. I agree. 
So, when you ask me when I am due and I respond “July”, or “early December”, or “sometime this Fall”…I am actually not inviting the follow up question, “No, what is the actual date?” I have my reasons for being vague…respect them. If your birthday or someone in your family's birthday is that month or around that time go ahead and share that...but many women like to relieve the pressure of the big don't add to it by harping on a specific date. 

Alternative: “When are you due”? And be content with whatever answer she gives you. 

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