Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day 3: I'm not a balloon, a flower, or a rabbit...

Day 3:
Anything with the word “pop” or other such descriptors: This includes but is not limited to, “you look ready to pop…” “you look large and in charge…” or anything else that describes my baby belly in a way that makes me uncomfortable. If you don’t know me well enough to know what makes me uncomfortable…then err on the side of keeping these kind of comments to yourself. 
Also, anything that mentions “rabbits”. I’m….I’m not a rabbit. I also (personally) don’t like it when people refer to me “blooming”. I’m not a flower…and now I am just trying to get anyway from you as fast as possible.

Alternative: If you must comment on my appearance please keep it to positive statements like “you look great” or “you are carrying well.” Or you could ask how I am feeling…you’ll find most mommy-to-bes fall into one of two camps. The short and sweet answers of “I’m well” or “tired” or one I use on occasion “pregnant”. Or you can sit for 20 minutes and listen to every little bit of how she feels from her swelling feet to her persistent headaches. At least the ball is in her court. J

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