Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day 6: OF COURSE I'm tired!

Day 6:
“You look tired.” 
"Thank you?" How am I supposed to respond to that? Do you see the toddler running around my feet? Do you see that I am obviously quite pregnant therefore you can deduce I may not be sleeping well? Why in God’s name are you saying this? Believe it or not I try to put in a bit of effort before I step out my front door…you’ve just made it clear it was all in vain. Thank you oh-so-much.

Alternative: “You look tired….how can I help? Or can I make dinner for your family? Or is there laundry that needs folding? Or can I come weed your flower garden? Or can I watch the 1 ½ year old for an hour so you can put your feet up?” If you are going to point out that she looks tired be there with a solution or an offer to help. It changes the remark from insult to blessing. If you don’t want to help her become less tired than keep your opinions about how exhausted she is to yourself. 

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