Thursday, July 26, 2012

9 upates at 9 months

Our baby boy is 9 months old! Wow! It is true what they goes so fast. Our crazy summer lives have made this post several days late.

1. We are moving! Noah's "crawling" isn't proper crawling at all but the boy is on the move. He army crawls all around our apartment and I am trying to keep up with cleaning and baby proofing his path! He also is really working on pulling himself up to standing....he has done this already but only on rare occasions. Plus he kicks and squirms and dives all about! He is really good at sitting himself up after being on his belly and we have seen some glimpses of "proper" crawling on the way.

2. We are sleeping! We are night weened and sleeping 11 hours each night. Thank the Lord, The Sleepeasy Solution, and my husband for that. Every night is not perfect but we are all getting a lot more sleep.

3. We are eating! Eating a lot of baby food and baby snacks. Noah is nursing and eating more during the day now that he is not eating at all at night. He loves bananas and banana flavored "puffs". We have tried small bites of some "real food" as well. We have a hunch that "nana" may be Noah's "word" for wanting food...we will see in the coming weeks.

4. We are reading, and reading, and reading, and reading. The same books over and over. Our son loves Eric Carle. I didn't know it was possible for a 9 month old to have a favorite author but he does! Noah is great at turning pages and often demands books several times a day and several readings in each sitting. There are worse things.

5.We are clingy. Noah is a bit on the clingy side lately. It may be the night weening and sleep training we did. It may be that I left him for a whole night and most of the next day (He is now very suspicious of both his Grandma's houses) and also have been busy with the summer show which takes me away from him for a few hours a few nights a week.

6. Noah makes all kinds of noises and is getting good at letting us know what he wants. He is also getting good at throwing things he doesn't want and throwing little fits when he doesn't get his way. He has also mastered the art of going after the one item on the floor/table/couch that knows full well he is NOT supposed to have. Such sought after items include: the remote, cell phone, keys, land line phone, anything Mommy is using to eat or drink out of.

7. Besides reading Noah enjoys water (pools and baths), being outside, animals, music (but not musicals), and eating.

8. This month we had a family wedding and Noah met his 3 long distance second cousins who were all born this year as well. He also gained an Uncle. We really enjoyed spending time with Owen, Emmett, and Forrest. He also has been enjoying Daddy time during the day.

9. Apparently, Noah has the biggest head of any baby his age. Ever.

Love our boy SO much! Happy nine months sprout! 

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