Sunday, July 15, 2012

Diary of a Sleep Training Parent: Seriously?

Sunday: Seriously?

I was not prepared for this to be such a roller coaster. One night bedtime will go awesome...the next it will go terribly. Last night (night 5) was rough. Noah was up on and off a lot. However, he always got himself back to sleep and I didn't nurse him at all. He woke up around 7:30 am ready to eat!

Today is Sunday so naps went well because we were in the car a lot. He napped on the way to church, on the way to the store, and on the way home. No screaming naps in his pack and play. It was nice.

So far night 6 is not going well. He screamed through his bath and got very upset when we finished the last book. It has been about a half hour and he is still awake in the bedroom. I am starting to get worn out and I am tired of hearing my baby cry. The fact that Noah is night weaned is incredible, the fact that once he falls asleep he sleeps for long stretches is tremendous, but I thought the first night would be the worst and every night after that would get a little better. This has not been the case for us.

I start to wonder if we are doing something wrong. We are trying so very hard to be consistent. I was going to have one of our Moms watch him tomorrow night and do bedtime. Not happening after tonight...I can't ask anyone else to do this right now. It is bad enough we are teaching him that he has to fall asleep alone...I can't ask him to do that knowing we aren't near by.

My brain is a tug-of-war about what is best for Noah. 
Seriously? Being a parent is tough stuff. 

(11th in a series)

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