Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Clean Sweep!

So, now that the musical I was doing costumes for is over I have a pretty ambitious to-do list for the next 10 days:

1. Clean this apartment - and I mean DEEP clean it. Scrub things, move furniture, wash curtains. Like...Spring cleaning only in August 'cuz I didn't do it in the Spring. Also...sorting, organizing, and PURGING all of our STUFF! Town wide garage sale - here we come!

2. Help clean out my husband's childhood bedroom.

3. Reorganize the community theater's costume closet so we can fit everything back in neatly at the end of the season. Oh, and wash and put away all the costumes I used.

10 days??? Ha...I know I am crazy. I know it won't all get done. Especially now that I am at the end of day two of trying my best at  #1 and I have a CORNER of my kitchen done. Yes, one corner. 
 (I still have real-life-normal-everyday-stuff to do like....baby, grocery shopping, watching kids, and so on...)
I am keep my goal of August 10th though...I need to keep motivated and that is my husband's birthday. I have to do all of this NOW while he is on summer break and isn't working his normal hours. When September comes it will be so nice to have this place under control and no big projects looming over me. :) Some girls dream of diamonds...I dream of knowing where everything is in my house and having most of it labeled. Sigh.

Here's what is slowing me down...this place NEEDS the cleaning and I am also simplifying as I go. Goodbye decorative coffee mug and vase...I need to put baby bottles there.
Goodbye clutter from a space that could be used to get more stuff off my counters!
Into the trash all food that I don't want to eat (junk) but have felt guilty for getting rid of up 'till now!
Move this here, try this there, wash, dust, get rid of it!
(Shhh...this is really fun for me. I think that makes me a huge nerd.)

Tomorrow we start to tackle #2. Husband's childhood bedroom...time to box it up, display it, sell it, or trash it, Honey!

(I am posting this mostly to hold myself accountable. On August 10th, I'll post an update of how I did!)

UPDATE! Ha. ha. ha. We did finish JJ's bedroom by the 10th and we gave a ton of stuff to a local church to sell in their lawn sale. I finished the costume closet on the 12th...the day the last show wrapped. A little touch up when all the show laundry is returned and it will be closed up till spring. As far as our apartment...I cleaned the kitchen. :)

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