Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Diary of a Sleep Training Parent: The End.

Wednesday Night: The End.

Tonight marks the third night of Noah going to sleep very quickly on his own. He sleeps 11 hours each night. He is night weaned. I would call the whole thing a success except for naps and the fact that he is rather upset through most of the bedtime routine. So, I will call is a somewhat success and be grateful for the increase in nighttime sleep for everyone in this little family. Since we've seen little change in the past three days I am wrapping up this little blog-a-thon.

What have we been reminded of along this journey?
Parenting is hard. Summer is hot. Change is sometimes necessary yet painful. Not everyone will agree with your decisions. We love our baby very much and he is growing very fast. God is good.  

The End.

(last in a series)

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